TOSOWOONG / Help Me 3-Step Blackhead Nose Pack - 1pcs


AED 24
AED 24
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Step 1. Pore Hot Sheet Step
2. Blackhead Clean Up Sheet Step
3. Pore Minimizing Sheet Not satisfied with the common nose pack? 3-STEP Nose pack is the solution for you! For your smooth nose area!

How to use

[Step 1] After wash, patch on nose. Remove after 15 minutes. Clean sebum comes out from pores with cotton swab or tissue. [Step 2] Wet your nose with water, and attach it on your nose. After 10-15 minutes, take it off when it is dry. [Step 3] Remove the film of the patch. Put it on your nose and wait for 10 minutes Take off the patch and tap your nose lightly.