WHITE CAT / Durian Revital Concentrate Cream - 50g

Contains 67% Durian extracts. No preservative and artificial fragrance. Protects and soothes your skin from environmental damage, and offers deep...

AED 435


WHITE CAT / Durian Fluid Expert Softner - 130ml

Contains 90.6% Durian extracts. No preservatives and artificial fragrance. Increases skin resistance against external irritant factors. How to use Apply...

AED 368


WHITE CAT / Durian Cell Revital Ampoule - 50ml

Contains 81.6% Durian extracts. No preservative and artificial fragrance. Improve your dull complexion and skin elasticity. How to use After...

AED 413


WHITE CAT / Dramatic Pore Arrestor Serum - 50ml

Delivers moisture and prevents black head production. How to use After your skin care, pour moderate amount on trouble areas...

AED 614


WHITE CAT / Creme Fraiche Sorbet Hydratante - 50g

A hydrating daily moisturizer features an ultra-fresh gel texture like Ice cream. Ice cream gel texture Gel cream texture that...

AED 324


WHITE CAT / Berry Silky Eye Balm - 15g

This eye dalm has a unique Blend of many kinds of bemies and vitamin E derivatives that smoothen the skin...

AED 279