3W CLINIC / Moisturizing Hand Cream - 100ml


Horse Oil
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- Collagen Fill the moist deep inside the skin! The hand cream supplies moisture and nutrition on the hands, which are dried and rough by the external hazardous environment, and the soluble collagen hydrates the skin to make soft and whiter hand.
- Lemon Fresh scent of lemon wraps your skin! The lemon extract with excellent moisturizing effect quickly absorb on the skin and supply moist on the skin and form skin protection layer so it makes the rough hands to soft and smooth.
- Apple To be smooth and shiny with fresh apple extract! Fresh apple extract and rich texture of shea butter moisturize and nourish on rough hands, and it is absorbed as soon as you apply it with silky feeling and makes smooth and shiny hands.
- Olive Softness of olive without stickiness! Olive extract softens the rough skin, makes the skin smooth and shiny, and supplies rich moist and nutrition without stickiness to make smooth and soft hand.
- Acacia Subtle and fresh scent of Acacia! The Acacia extract supply soft moist on the skin, make it soft and smooth like silk, and maintains subtle scent for a long time so you can enjoy all day long.
- Snail Soft and smooth snail secretion filtrate! The snail extracts helps with skin irritation alleviation and it absorbs on the skin without stickiness, protects the skin from roughness, creates skin protection layer and makes the hand soft and moist.
- Horse Oil Horse oil ingredient provides sufficient nutrition and moisture to the dry and rough skin to maintain oil and moisture balance and keeps skin soft and moisturized for a long time.

How to use:

After washing your hands, take adequate amount and apply along the skin texture so it will absorb well.


- Collagen
- Lemon
- Apple
- Olive
- Acacia
- Snail
- Horse Cream