AHN / Bright Tone Up Massage Cream - 140ml


AED 113
AED 113
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1 Step.
Big Cotton AHA Peeling Stick 2 Step.
Multi Whitening Serum 3 Step.
Multi Whitening Soothing Mask

How to use

Step 1 Exfoliate dead skin cells using the king cotton swab.
Use skin toner after facial cleansing.
Gently cleanse areas of exfoliation concerns such as cheeks, chin and nose.
Avoid sensitive areas such as eyes or areas with open wounds.
Step 2 Increased skin nourishment with whitening serum!.
Improved skin tone! Apply the whitening serum on the face and pat gently for absorption.
Step 3 Softer skin with moisturizing mask pack Put the mask sheet on the face for 10~20minutes so that any remaining essence can be absorbed into the skin fully.