A'PIEU / Auto Sharp Liner - 0.3g


AED 68
No.BE01 Sand Luster
No.BK01 Deep Black
No.BR01 Brownie
No.BR02 Cinnamon
No.BR03 Red Bean
No.BR04 Mocha Gold
No.BR05 Pecan
No.BR06 Munch
No.BR07 Shark
No.BR08 Taupe
No.BR09 Teak
No.BR10 Rose Wood
AED 68
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Soft Texture, Easy to apply, Gets fixed quickly! Produce deep eyes, Strong water-proof.
When using a pencil eyeliner, it is hard to draw sharp lines as tip gets numb over time.
Once the eyeliner gets blunt after several use, just close the cap and open again.
Then, tip gets sharp again.
It item for sisters who want to enjoy sharp eyeliners all the time.

How to use

1.Put on your eyeshadow.
2.Use the eyeliner to create a dotted line along your upper lashes.
3.Connect the dots using a steady hand.
4.Finish the line, starting from the inner corner of your eye.


- BE01 Sand Luster
- BK01 Deep Black
- BR01 Brownie
- BR02 Cinnamon
- BR03 Red Bean
- BR04 Mocha Gold
- BR05 Pecan
- BR06 Munch
- BR07 Shark
- BR08 Taupe
- BR09 Teak
- BR10 Rose Wood