A'PIEU / Bebe Lips (Glossy) - 1g


AED 42
No.GRD01 Apple
No.GCR01 Peach
No.GCR02 Watermelon
No.GOR01 Orange
No.GPK02 Grape
AED 42
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Pocket size lovely design, easy to use anytime anywhere.
Red to choral color, vivid color gives vital looking lips.
Long lasting complex gives lovely color for long hours.
Fruit extract gives moisture vital lips.

How to use

Apply right amount gently on lip line and give natural gradation.


- TYE01 Lemon
- GRD01 Apple
- GPK01 Strawberry
- GOR01 Orange
- GCR01 Peach
- GPK02 Grape
- GCR02 Watermelon