A'PIEU / Color Cotton Tint - 5.5g


AED 68
No.BR01 Cozy Brick
No.CR01 Candy Punch
No.OR01 Chilly Pepper
No.RD01 Blushing Red
AED 68
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Soft and cozy-feeling cotton texture embraces lips and make them smooth.
Moist inside(more than 50% of moisture contained), so instantly fresh water-feeling bursts onto your lips.
Color pigment spreads evenly onto your lips lightly.

How to use

Take out appropriate amount from the entrance of the container using the tip, apply lightly starting from the inner part of the lips.


- BR01 Cozy Brick
- CR01 Candy Punch
- OR01 Chilly Pepper
- RD01 Blushing Red