A'PIEU / Color Lip Stain Gel Tint - 4.4g


AED 79
No.CR01 Sprinkle
No.CR02 Misty Day
No.CR03 Melting Maple
No.CR04 Stick With You
No.OR01 Full Of Light
No.OR02 Carry On
No.OR03 Really True
No.RD01 Everything
No.RD02 Ready For You
No.RD03 Dear No One
No.RD04 Rubious
No.RD05 Run Around
AED 79
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Soft Gel texture.
Trendy color and vivid color long-lasting.

How to use

Apply right amount onto lips.


- CR01 Sprinkle
- CR02 Misty Day
- CR03 Melting Maple
- CR04 Stick With You
- OR01 Full Of Light
- OR02 Carry On
- OR03 Really True
- RD01 Everything
- RD02 Ready For You
- RD03 Dear No One
- RD04 Rubious
- RD05 Run Around