A'PIEU / Color Lip Stain Velvet Tint - 4g


AED 79
No.BE01 Stay Charming
No.CR01 Bright Young
No.CR02 Thai Tea
No.CR03 Shy Riding
No.CR05 Take Me High
No.OR01 Lucky One
No.PK01 From Me To You
No.PK02 Over Night
No.PK03 From Sun to Sun
No.RD01 Attention
No.RD02 Undercover
No.RD03 Ten To One
AED 79
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Smooth texture that melts like a velvet.

How to use

Take an appropriate amount and apply it to your lips.


- BE01 Stay Charming
- CR01 Bright Young
- CR02 Thai Tea
- CR03 Shy Riding
- CR05 Take Me High
- OR01 Lucky One
- PK01 From Me To You
- PK02 Over Night
- PK03 From Sun to Sun
- RD01 Attention
- RD02 Undercover
- RD03 Ten To One