A'PIEU / Daily Sheet Mask - 1Pack (33pcs)


AED 163
No.Green Tea(Soothing)
No.Black Tea (Hydrating)
AED 163
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Economical than regular sheet mask to use everyday for a month.
Everyday face use needs hygienic care! Mini puller inside to use hygienically everyday.
#Black Tea(Hydrating) Skin soothing black tea Polyphenol ingredient gives clean and healthy skin.
#Green Tea(Soothing) Skin soothing green tea catechin ingredient gives clean and healthy skin.

How to use

After washing the face, tidy up skin with toner.
Take out one mask sheet and evenly place on the entire face while aligning it with the eyes and nose.
Remove the mask sheet after 10~15 minutes and gently pat to promote absorption of the remaining essence into skin.
Keep the cap closed after use.
To use the product longer and keep it fresh, store in the refrigerator.


- Green Tea(Soothing)
- Black Tea (Hydrating)