A'PIEU / Gel Like Lip - 2g


AED 61
No.CR01 Heavenly Days
No.CR02 Sunday Mood
No.CR03 Daily Breeze
No.CR04 About Chu
No.CR05 Soft Burning
No.OR02 Warm & Tangerine
No.OR03 Be My Side
No.PK03 Love Squad
No.RD01 Foodstagram
No.RD02 Inside Me
No.RD03 With Coffee
No.RD04 Woody Scent
No.RD05 Brick Lane
No.RD06 Lovestagram
No.RD07 Red Like
AED 61
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Jelly lip color to give gel coating like moisture firm lip look.
Moisture melting texture to give lips moisture comfort.
Twisting big amount mistakenly, container can turn back the content.
Jelly polymer fills lip curves gently, fit / shine / moisture / lasting enhanced.

How to use

Twist lower of the product get right amount.
Apply gently following lip line.


- CR01 Heavenly Days
- CR02 Sunday Mood
- CR03 Daily Breeze
- CR04 About Chu
- CR05 Soft Burning
- OR02 Warm & Tangerine
- OR03 Be My Side
- PK03 Love Squad
- RD01 Foodstagram
- RD02 Inside Me
- RD03 With Coffee
- RD04 Woody Scent
- RD05 Brick Lane
- RD06 Lovestagram
- RD07 Red Like