A'PIEU / Lash Master Dual Mascara - 6.5g+2.5g


AED 111
AED 111
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For Under lash - It can apply it to the lower eyelashes that are difficult to apply with a skinny brush neatly. For Upper lash - With a strong brush Strongly! From root. Both brushes are C cover brushes to fit eyelids Long Lash - The ultra light microfibers come in close contact with the eyelashes without lump or squish natural Long lash. Smudge Proof - Of course sweat and tears of every day life it prevents smearing by oil under the eyes. Upper :
6.5g + Under :

How to use:

Put upper cara close to the lashes upload zigzag. Sweep my eyelashes with under cara. It produces more distinct and clear eyes.