APRIL SKIN / Premium Magic Snow Cream - 45ml


AED 327
AED 327
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A three-step kit that gently opens, pulls out, and lightly soothes black/white heads that are stuck within pores.
Effective 3-step-care! Soft peel off type! Directed on areas in need of special care! Can be used up to six to ten times!

How to use

Step 1.Open your pores with Toner! 1.Soak the sheet with the toner to open up your pores and loosen the blackheads.
2.Microwave the sheet for twenty to thirty seconds and place on nose.
3.After ten minutes wipe off the sebum on the surface of the nose.
Step 2.Use the Pink Clay to pull out! Use the charcoal infused blackhead care clay pack on nose and wait till it dries to pull off.
Step 3.Close your pores with Collagen essence! After removing blackheads moisturize your dry skin and relax it helping control production of sebum.