BEYOND / Phyto Aqua White Skin Care Set - 1pack (6items)


AED 434
AED 434
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Phyto Aqua White Peeling Toner Moisture whitening low irritation peeling toner. Contains Phyto White 11 complex and whitening functional ingredients to brighten and clear skin.
Phyto Aqua White Luminous Tone Up Cream It is a high-quality natural toned-up whitening cream that gives plenty of moisture from the natural birch and bamboo sap to moisturize the skin. Whitening Functional ingredients and high-tight toning ingredients allow to create clear and transparent skin with radiant tone. * 6items Peeling Toner 150ml + Emulsion 130ml + Peeling Toner 35ml + Emulsion 35ml + Luminous Essence 5ml + Luminous Tone Up Cream 5ml

How to use

Phyto Aqua White Peeling Toner After cleansing, take an appropriate amount and apply it to the skin as if it is wearing a water film. By using cotton pads, you can more effectively care for the dead skin on the skin surface.
Phyto Aqua White Luminous Tone Up Cream Last step of basic care, use pearl size to apply from center to outward of the face and gently let it absorb.