CARE ZONE / Doctor Solution A Cure 13 Trouble Calming Cream Set - 1pack (3item)


AED 221
AED 221
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• Carezone Doctor Solution A-Cure line is a hypoallergenic, organic skin care line made specifically for acne trouble skin. • Controls oil and moisture balance of skin and creates healthy skin. • Mixes total care ingredients (AC-Cure 11) of 11 types vegetable herb extracts. • 4 NO system (No-mineral oil, no-alcohol, no-artificial color, and no-synthesized colors.) • Moisturizing and comfortable finish. • Minimize skin irritation, use natural flavoring tea tree, bergamot, rosemary, lime, etc. This set contains : Doctor Solution A Cure 13 Trouble Calming Cream 50ml (Full Size) Doctor Solution A Cure Clarifying Toner 31ml Doctor Soultion A Cure Clarifying Emulsion 31ml

How to use

After emulsion apply a moderate amount according to skin texture gently.