CLIO / Rouge Heel - 3.6g


AED 123
No.01 Dark Dahlia
No.02 Deep Brandy
No.03 Heat Wave
No.04 Rose Hip
No.05 Harvest Moon
No.06 Hey Sunny
No.07 Cotton Coral
No.08 Amber Rose
No.09 Love Drunk
No.10 Pinktude
No.11 Trouble Maker
No.12 Thrill Seeker
No.13 Nudy Brownie
No.14 Ginger Snap
No.15 Chai Tea
No.16 Pink Shake
No.17 Rosy Wood
No.18 Peach Caramel
No.19 Pumpkin Spice
No.20 Pearly Shower
AED 123
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This innovative eyeshadow instantly adheres to eyelid while providing a tinted eye look.
The water & oil shaking formula helps colors to stay an longer and provides crease-proof wear.

How to use

Shake before use.
Apply to eyelid with wand.
Blend with clean fingertips.


- 01 Ginger Tea
- 02 Dark Cocoa
- 03 Taro
- 04 Blending Tea
- 05 Darjeeling
- 06 Sweet Pearl