Hada Labo Shiro-Jyun Whitening Emulsion

Hada Labo

AED 80
AED 80
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Hakken Shirajun series

Contains arbutin, a whitening active ingredient, and a vitamin C derivative, a moisturizing ingredient. It suppresses melanin production and blocks stains and freckles. Gives your skin plenty of moisture while leaving your skin clear and transparent.

Both medicated whitening and moisturizing! To bright whitening.

In addition to plenty of moisture unique to Hada Lab, it contains arbutin, a high-purity, whitening active ingredient, which suppresses melanin production, prevents spots and freckles, and leads to clear, moisturized skin.

A transparent whitening* that is full of moisture.

Gives plenty of moisture to the skin, which tends to dry due to ultraviolet rays, and gives a transparent and whitening effect. A milky lotion with a fresh feeling. Weakly acidic / hypoallergenic / fragrance-free / coloring / antiseptic-free / alcohol-free *Whitening: Suppresses melanin production and prevents spots and freckles.

Whitening active ingredient; high-purity arbutin Moisturizing ingredient; hyaluronic acid Na*1, nano-hyaluronic acid*2, vitamin C derivative *1; hyaluronic acid Na-2 *2; hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid