INNISFREE / Skin Reset Peeling Mask Step 01 + Step 02 - 1pcs (In Stock)


AED 20
For Dry Skin
For Combination Skin
For Oily Skin
AED 20
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You can manage it unselfishly as you received in the shop. Provides rich moisture to the skin. Depending on the type of skin, peeling and moisturizing ingredients were chosen. Skin Type : For dry skin/ For Combination Skin / For Oily Skin [For Dry Skin] - Step 01 (6ml) : AHA Peeling Glove - Exfoliation. Water-soluble peeling ingredient suitable for dry skin. - Step 02 (20ml) : Ceramide Soothing Gauze Sheet - Soothing + Moisturizing. Madecasoside + Ceramide Milk essence deep and deep moisturizing. [For Oily Skin] - Step 01 (6ml) : BHA Peeling Glove - Exfoliation Fat-soluble peeling ingredient suitable for oily skin. - Step 02 (20ml) : Hyaluronic Acid Soothing Gauze Sheet - Soothing + Moisturizing. Madecasoside + Hyaluronic Acid Fresh and moist water essence. [For Combination Skin] - Step 01 (6ml) : PHA Peeling Glove - Exfoliation Peeling ingredient suitable for combination skin with broken oil balance. - Step 02 (20ml) : Panthenol Soothing Gauze Sheet - Soothing + Moisturizin. Madecasoside + Panthenol Tanggu tangle gel essence for balanced hydration of water.

How to use

[Step 01] After cleansing, gently wipe the face with the embossed side of the glove, avoiding the eye and lip area. No need to wash separately. Lightly tap to absorb. [STEP 02] Unfold and place the sheet mask on the face. Remove the mask after 10~20 minutes and gently pat for further absorption.


- For Dry Skin
-For Combination Skin
-For Oily Skin