DR.FROG / Anti Mela Sun Block Set - 1pack (50ml+3item) (SPF41 PA++)


AED 143
AED 143
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The natural skin color works perfectly for both the sun bloack and the base makeup by brightening and correcting the skin tone without leaving the greasy feeling. Brightens skin tone without irritation : 'SODIUM GUAIAZULENE SULFONATE' the natural ingredient, is contained for toning-up the skin without irritations enabling brighter and healthier look. Absorbing sebum : Absorbs excessively erupted sebum preventing skin conditions from feeling oily, keeping it soft and moisture-less just as of used a powder. Triple functional effects : Not only protects the skin from harmful UV rays but also brightens skin tone, effectively reducing wringkles and improving tones of the skin. DR.FROG Urban Dust Free Sun Block Set Includes 4 Items in 1 Pack. Urban dust free sun block 50ml (full size), Control tox peeling gel 10ml, Tocovita energy cream 10ml, A-Cream 10g.

How to use

After washing and cleansing face, take a proper amount and spread evenly on the face.