ETUDE HOUSE / Brow Volumizer - 8g


AED 70
01 Dark Brown
02 Natural Brown
03 Light Brown
04 Red Brown
05 Ash Brown
06 Secret Volume
AED 70
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Brow volumizer that makes the eyebrows look fuller and defined by accentuating the texture of eyebrows. * Express natural fuller eye brows by providing a defining effect with the fiber containing formula. * Express natural and stylish brow coloring by tidying up eyebrow texture with the comb-type brush. * Strong proof function and fixing power from morning to night. * Contain Gossypium Herbaceum (Cotton) Seed Oil and Rosa Canina Fruit Extract for eyebrows and skin that look healthy.

How to use

1. Take an appropriate amount with the brush.
2. Gently comb the eyebrows starting from the front area and working toward the tail as of stretching the eye brows.
3. Touch insufficiently coated areas once more in detail.


-01 Dark Brown
-02 Natural Brown
-03 Light Brown
-04 Red Brown
-05 Ash Brown
-06 Secret Volume