ETUDE HOUSE / Satin Fit Eyes - 2g


AED 43
No.BE101 Blanc Moscato
No.BE102 Creamy Ale
No.BR401 Golden Cheers
No.BR402 Coffee In Cognac
No.BR403 Truffle Vodka
No.BR404 Sweet Kahlua
No.BR405 Mocha Jello Shot
No.OR201 Orange Spritz
No.OR202 Peach Mojito
No.PK001 Rose Gold Champagne
No.PK002 Sangria Glass
No.PP501 Chateau Bordeaux
No.PP502 Real Vin Chaud
No.RD301 Rose Sweet Wine
AED 43
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Ultra-shimmery texture provides sparkle and elegant radiance as it softly fits skin like satin.

How to use

With a brush or your finger, apply an appropriate amount on the eyelids in a blending motion. Layer on the pearl-free texture to express deeper splendid makeup looks.


BE101 Blanc Moscato
BE102 Creamy Ale
BR401 Golden Cheers
BR402 Coffee In Cognac
BR403 Truffle Vodka
BR404 Sweet Kahlua
BR405 Mocha Jello Shot
BR406 Chocolate Martini
OR201 Orange Spritz
OR202 Peach Mojito
PK001 Rose Gold Champagne
PK002 Sangria Glass
PP501 Chateau Bordeaux
PP502 Real Vin Chaud
RD301 Rose Sweet Wine