ETUDE HOUSE / Super Slim Proof Gel Pencil Liner - 0.08g


AED 60
No.01 Latte Brown
No.02 Choco Brown
No.03 Rose Brown
No.04 Pucia Pink
No.08 Wine Burgundy
No.09 Plum Purple
No.10 Deep Sea Navy
AED 60
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The 1.5mm super slim gel pencil liner colorfully fixes real gel liner as it softly melts on skin.

How to use

Twist to dispense certain amount and use on desired area, Close cap after use. [Tip] Due to the super thin 1.5mm pencil type, exposing the lead excessively may cause the lead to break. Thus, be sure to expose only 1mm at a time.


01 Latte Brown
02 Choco Brown
03 Rose Brown
04 Pucia Pink
05 Swing Mint
06 Pang Pang Lavender
07 Popping Orange
08 Wine Burgundy
09 Plum Purple
10 Deep Sea Navy