ETUDE HOUSE / Wrinkle T.A.P.A Spider Map Lifting Mask - 1pcs


AED 29
AED 29
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The synergy effect of adenosine essence and peptide film sheet woven like a web closely adheres to the skin. When it has dried, it provides a strong tense feel to the skin and provides a lifting effect, making the face look more defined and lifted. * T.A.P.A - Trouble Away Pack Agent

How to use:

1. After washing the face, tidy up the skin texture with toner.
2. Evenly apply a liberal amount of adenosine essence on the face.
3. Place the web Peptide film sheet on the face before essence is completely absorbed into the skin.
4. After pulling the wings on the chin area toward the cheekbone tightly, evenly place on the entire face with the fingertips. (If applying essence on the face after placing the sheet on the face, drying may take a long time.)
5. After 20 minutes when a lifting feel is felt, gently remove the sheet after drying and apply the remaining adenosine essence on the face as a finishing touch.