FORENCOS / Inhale Air Color Base - 35ml


AED 164
AED 164
Inhale Air Color Base looks natural, but brightens the dull skin tone for clear skin. Highly skin-friendly to adhere over skin and leave your skin clean without caking.
-01 Cotton Air Gives originally bright skin with natural enhancement.
-02 Mint Air The most popular shade that controls the skin tone. Use on when there are acne scars or blemishes or when the skin tone is red or uneven to leave your skin clean.
-03 Peach Air Use the peach tone on dark circle areas.
-04 Lavender Air Use lavender color on dark areas.

How to use

After basic skin care, take an appropriate amount andapply to face gently.


-01 Cotton Air
-02 Mint Air
-03 Peach Air
-04 Lavender Air