G9SKIN / Deep Cleansing Brush - 1pcs


AED 134
AED 134
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420,000 pieces of 0.045mm fine furs to not only cleanse skin waste pores but also get rid of fine dust.
-Easy to grab and convenient use! Appropriate handle size makes it easy to grab and convenient to use. And the string at the end makes it easier to dry.
-420,000 pieces of 0.045mm fine soft furs 420,000 pieces of 0.045mm fine furs which are thinner than hair that can thoroughly cleanse facial skin without stimulation.
-Fine fur with high durability Besides the specially made fine furs, the solid plastic handle could be used for a very long time.

How to use

Apply cleansing foam or soap on the brush to generate bubbles. Use the brush to cleanse the areas where cleansing is required and gently massage the skin with the brush, then rinse it off. Tip: After usage, thoroughly rinse the brush and use your hand to get rid of the water in the brush, then store it in the place with good ventilation.