GATSBY / Hair Jam - 120ml


AED 67
No.Edgy Nuance
No.Smart Nuance
AED 67
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Brand new 'Natural Touch' Powder Styling Technology that creates lightweight & natural hairstyles with a non-sticky formula.
Edgy Nuance: Casual Punk for a Sporty-Cool Look
Tight Nuance: Casual Sleek for a Clean-Cut Look
Smart Nuance: Casual Neat for a Natural-Smart Look
Rough Nuance: Casual Volume for a Playful-Lively Look

How to use

Squeeze out Hair Jam equivalent to the size of a 50-cent coin. Blend it in your palms. Make sure your hair isn’t wet and apply evenly to start styling. If white specks form (too much product, or combing after the product has dried), you can rub the specks off with water.


Edgy Nuance
Tight Nuance
Smart Nuance
Rough Nuance