GATSBY / Perpect Hold Wax - 60g


AED 71
No.Extra Hard
No.Short Hard
AED 71
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Perfect for very short hair For creating a lasting, natural and messy casual hairstyle with ease Ingredients used in hair sprays are blended in for a superior lasting effect!
Extra Hard: Extremely strong setting power allows to set hair from root ; hair-spray ingredients keep the styled hair all day long For maximum hold and firm
Short Hard: Strong setting power allows to create sharp movement ; hair-spray ingredients keep the styled hair all day long For creating a firm and tight finish

How to use

1. Spread on the palms of the hands. Apply a small amount on your fingertips. Rub hands together spreading evenly until transparent. Try to also get it between your fingers.
2. Work wax into hair moving from the nape of the neck to the forehead. Apply it quickly in several stages, moving from the roots towards the tips of your hair. Apply product in an upwards movement starting from the nape of the neck towards the top of the head. Work your fingers into the base of the hair and sweep upwards to form strands. Now, spread a small amount on the palms of your hands and apply it from the side to the front of the head in the same way.
3. Pinch and rub the roots of the hair at the center of the head.
4. Apply product beginning from the roots of the hair to the middle using a pinching motion. To get a more defined look, create loose bunches of hair. Don’t rub the hair too much, and don’t twist it.
5. Put the bangs up. Using the excess product on your hands, pull forelock upwards with pinching to show a forehead and arrange it.


Extra Hard
Short Hard