GATSBY / Styling Wax - 80g


AED 55
No.Ultra Hard Type
No.Exciting Hard Type
No.Giga Hold Type
No.Hard & Keep Type
No.Mat type
AED 55
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Wax for solid and textured hairstyle with long-lasting holding effect
Ultra-Hard Type: Non-sticky, ultra-strong arranging power. Mild fragrance does not remain.
Exciting Hard Type: Designed for short hair setting and keep your hair firmly even in humid weather.
Giga Hold Type: Ultra hard hair-arranging power creates wild, yet casual hairstyles.
Hard & Keep Type: Strong holding and lasting style. Ultra-ease of application with reduced stickiness sensation.
Mat type: Matte finish for a natural and casual look. Hair strength of styling creates firm turbulent hair movement.

How to use

Take a small amount and spread well on palms. Apply onto hair ends or parts of hair to shape to desired style. Do not apply too much at once to avoid uneven distribution of product ; apply several times in small amounts.


Ultra Hard Type
Exciting Hard Type
Giga Hold Type
Hard & Keep Type
Mat type