GOODAL / Green Tangerine Moist Mist Toner - 200ml


AED 119
AED 119
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Moisturizing mist toner containing green vitamins of green tangerines. Green vitamin moisture from fresh tangerines. Green vitamins of Jeju green tangerines, called bioflavonoids, keep the skin feel moisturized and revitalized. Mist toner quickly charges the skin with moisture. Mineral-rich highly moisturizing particles provide instant moisture to dry skin and keep the skin moisturized for a long period of time.

How to use

After washing the face, at the first step of skincare, spray on the face while keeping eyes closed and gently tap the face to promote absorption into the skin. (Spray whenever the skin feels dry.) USAGE ORDER Mist toner → Serum → Emulsion → Eye Cream → Cream