GOODAL / Black Charcoal 2 Step Clear Nose Pack - 1pcs


AED 12
AED 12
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Step 1. Sparkling clear nose pack. The carbonated bubble nose pack effectively removes blackheads from pores by forming fine bubbles. The special black sheet provides a skin purification effect with the ingredient of specially processed charcoal. Step
2. Black charcoal cleansing foam. The black charcoal cleansing foam effectively removes impurities hidden in pores with the ingredient of charcoal that features an excellent adsorptive capacity.

How to use

1. After washing the face, tidy up skin with toner.
2. Open the sparkling clear nose pack (Step 1), take out the nose pack and evenly affix on the nose while aligning it with the nasal bridge.
3. After carbonated bubbles have fully formed over 10 minutes, remove the mask and gently massage the skin with the remaining bubbles.
4. Take the black charcoal cleansing foam (Step 2) with your wet hand and fully work into a lather. Gently massage the nasal bridge and rinse off with lukewarm water.