HERA / Age Reverse Cushion - 1pack (15g+Refill) (SPF38 PA+++)


AED 509
No.C13 Ivory Cover
No.C21 Pink Vanilla Cover
No.C23 Beige Cover
AED 509
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A retinol cream that helps reduce the appearance of different types of wrinkles to give smoother skin. This is an innovative retinol cream from HERA that effectively treats wrinkles caused by external factors such as facial expressions, gravity and personal habits, while at the same time improving the firmness of the skin. Treatment for wrinkles caused by different external factors. Through comprehensive research, HERA discovered that wrinkles are associated with facial expression, gravity and personal habits. Wrinkles are formed by the use of facial muscles, for example when smiling with one eye crinkling and frowning while watching TV, as well as by gravity as it pulls down the skin when it loses its elasticity. Personal habits like sleeping in a certain position and chewing can cause wrinkles. HERA RETINOL WRINKLE CORRECTOR effectively treats wrinkles caused by these factors to keep the skin firm, supple and smooth. Retino Force Complex helps the skin improve its strength. HERA applied Retino Force Complex, which helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the skin and improve the skin's elasticity. As a combination of retinol, rye seed extract and hyaluronic acid, Retino Force Complex helps to reduce the appearance wrinkles outside and inside the skin and, at the same time, increase the skin's elasticity with rye seed extract and hyaluronic acid to fill the skin with moisture and keep the skin moist and healthy. Retinol formula has a similar structure to the skin. HERA RETINOL WRINKLE CORRECTOR formula has a lamella liquid structure that's similar to the stratum corneum of the skin, which enhances hydration and the absorption of active ingredients into the skin. Its texture is absorbed completely, yet deeply into the skin to form a moisture barrier and keep wrinkle prone areas from drying out.

How to use

In the last step of your night skincare routine, apply across the wrinkled areas and gently dab with your fingertips to help absorb.