HERA / Age Reverse Cushion - 1pack (15g+Refill) (SPF38 PA+++)


AED 536
C13 Ivory Cover
C21 Pink Vanilla Cover
C23 Beige Cover
AED 536
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An anti aging Cushion that brings out your beauty to the fullest with firm, smooth skin that has a bright, healthy glow. Beauty can only reach its height when it does not dwell on its past. HERA Cushion Foundation represents makeup innovation that introduces a beautiful change once again HERA AGE REVERSE CUSHION is a unique signature Cushion foundation from HERA with an anti aging effect added to create radiant skin. 1. Anti aging effect delivered deep into the skin to make it more vibrant and brighter. Glycoprotein water extracted from sprout of birch moisturizes the skin deeply and takes care of the stratum corneum while SEPIVINOLTM an extract of wine containing all the polyphenols of red wine delivers a powerful anti oxidative effect to treat the visible signs of skin aging. In addition, color technology using blue and pink pigments covers skin dullness for more vibrant and healthier looking skin.
2. Firm and smooth skin texture with instant wrinkle coverage. Omni Veil Technology instantly covers up signs of skin aging and fills the skin texture to create a firm, supple and smooth skin texture. It reduces the thickness of foundation texture, but maintains the effect of covering wrinkles and pores to give a smooth, non sticky texture while evening out skin texture. Plus, skin friendly phospholipid coating powder moisturizes the skin and brings out a natural glow from within.
3. Sun protection and long lasting moisturizing effect in addition to fine overall coverage. Air Cell Pro Puff has a fast absorbing and discharging double cell structure that helps apply the foundation in an even and fine layer to effectively cover up any skin imperfections. Moreover, it provides an enhanced sun protection factor of SPF38 and PA+++ to prevent photo aging by UV A with a less sticky and a lighter texture. * Air Cell Pro Puff (patent application no. 10 2015 0036538) uses a new single material having softer and more exquisite double cell structure with improved elasticity and durability. It is a new innovative puff structured in four layers to prevent the foundation from getting trapped inside, helping it stay clean, soft and fluffy while delivering the foundation to the skin in a more effective manner.

How to use

[To do makeup] 1. Use in the step next to sunscreen or MAGIC STARTER after your basic skincare routine.
2. Put a good amount on the puff by pushing it against the sponge and dab it gently on the face. [To fix makeup] 1. Put a small amount on the puff and dab it gently on the face.


-C13 Ivory Cover
-C21 Pink Vanilla Cover
-C23 Beige Cover
-N13 Ivory Natural
-N21 Pink Vanilla Natural
-N23 Beige Natural