HERA / Collagen Eye Up Cream - 25ml


AED 509
AED 509
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A highly functional firming eye cream for sharp looking eyes. Eyelids tend to droop with age as the fat content increases and collagen decreases. If you improve the elasticity of the eyelids, you can achieve sharp, healthy looking eyes. Active Collagen is HERA's special technology that provides collagen to the eyelids and firms them. It contains 4
6.5% collagen to firm up the skin around the eyes as if you're stretching it. This glide on textured eye cream is absorbed fast into the skin for sharp looking eyes. Gently lift up from the eyelashes to improve the elasticity of the skin. ※ The product is available only through AMORE Counsellor.

How to use

Take a pearl sized amount and put it under one eye and repeat the same for the other eye. Close your eyes, put HERA COLLAGEN EYE UP CREAM under the eyes like you're marking a dot and use your middle and ring fingers to lightly dab. Use the side of your index finger to lift up the eyelashes like when you're using mascara and hold them for five seconds.