HERA / Face Designing Blusher - 10g (New)


AED 429
01 Eternal Pink
02 Silhouette Mauve
03 Chiffon Coral
04 Sparkling Nude
05 Sculpting Pink
06 Tailored Coral
AED 429
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A silky blusher with a delicate, lovely pink color that makes the face look bright and vibrant. 1. Delicate, sophisticated color. With large sized, transparent powder made up 50% from a blusher with a fitting and mattifying effect, the blusher fits well onto the skin in a light, thin layer to add delicate pink color to the skin while leaving it looking soft.
2. Soft, silky texture. Suitable Oil Binder System: spreadable silicone oil and skin fitting ester oil are mixed at the golden ratio to form an oil binder that gives the blusher a smooth, easy glide on texture.
3. Compact, easy to carry design. The brusher comes in a handy compact design with a mirror and brush to allow you to fix your makeup wherever and whenever you want.
4. Various colors. It comes in four colors suitable for different makeup styles.

How to use

Put the blusher on 1/3 of the built in brush and sweep it over your cheeks and cheekbones. If you're using the blusher together with HERA UV MIST CUSHION, put the blusher on 2/3 of the built in brush and gently dab it on your cheeks and cheekbones.


-01 Eternal Pink
-02 Silhouette Mauve
-03 Chiffon Coral
-04 Sparkling Nude
-05 Sculpting Pink
-06 Tailored Coral