HERA / Face Designing Bronzer - 10g


AED 382
AED 382
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A shading pact to add dimension to the face with a clear, natural shading effect. 1. Exquisite dimensional look with natural shading effect. Shading effect of luxuriant and soft bronze colored powder for a more natural and healthier look.
2. Texture as light and smooth as silk. Coccoid powder unique to HERA does not stick between wrinkles, but is applied effortlessly and smoothly, while jelly type high viscosity binder holds big coccoid powder, so that the powder can sit tight on the skin without getting cakey.

How to use

1. Put a good amount on 1/2 of both sides of the brush.
2. Apply along the hair line, outer contour of the face and tip of the chin like rolling the brush over to make the face look smaller.
3. Apply on the bridge of the nose, both sides of the nose and innermost corner of the eyes to add dimension.