HERA / Hyaluronic Mask - 1pack (6pcs)


AED 268
AED 268
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The microfiber mask instantly moisturizes skin and provides a elastic hydro radiant volume effect with its highly concentrated hyaluronic acid ingredient. Hyaluronic acid draws and holds moisture like a magnet, leaving the skin moisturized, radiant and firm. Hyaluronic mask is rich in hyaluronic acid, often described as a moisture magnet by holding moisture over 1,000 times its own weight. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring component in the skin, which contributes significantly to keeping the skin moisturized, radiant and firm with its excellent moisture retaining capacity. Hyaluronic mask contains a concentrated dose of hyaluronic acid, thus effectively leaving the skin replenished and fuller. Unique texture and outstanding effect. The transparent concentration of hyaluronic acid, with a jelly like, elastic texture, is instantly absorbed into the skin, leaving it moisturized, radiant and firm. After using it, you can experience elasticity of skin and brighter skin tone. It changes your dry skin and dark skin to moisturized and firm skin.

How to use

Remove any residual from the skin using the toner in the evening and take out the sheet mask from the pouch. Unfold the mask and put it on your face by following the face's contours. Gently press it to keep it in place. Remove the mask after 15 20 minutes and pat the face with your both hands like you're lifting the skin upward to help it absorb the remaining essence.