HERA / Magic Starter - 35ml (SPF25 PA++)


AED 398
No.01 Rose
No.02 Lavender
No.03 Mint
AED 398
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Face Filter Effect: Corrects skin tone like turning on the light. Lighting Powder make skin tone look brighter. Makeup Boosting Effect: Makes makeup stay longer. Fix Powder holds makeup longer and keeps soft finish. Moisturizing Effect. Moisturizing ingredients prepares your skin for better makeup.

How to use

1.After the skin care step, lightly pumped once and take the contents of one pea size into the back of your hand.
2.Take a small amount of contents in the order of ball → forehead → nose → chin, and leave a point on your face.
3.The eyes, nostrils, and mouth are applied thinly and uniformly using the stop fingertips.


01 Rose
02 Lavender
03 Mint