HERA / Mineral Multi BB - 40ml (SPF40 PA++)


AED 357
21 Natural Beige
23 True Beige
AED 357
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1. Natural mineral powder and ion minerals create healthy smooth looking skin like it has been soaking in hot springs. Natural mineral powder in MINERAL MULTI BB gives a glow to the surface of the skin while a newly added ionic mineral complex (magnesium, zinc, calcium and copper) works to vitalize and moisturize as a means to help enhance the reflection of light from the skin. As a result, it creates a bright, clean and clear skin glowing with shimmering sheen.
2. BB Original: helps prevent damage to the skin, the main feature of BB to create healthy looking skin. HERA focused on the most important feature of BB (Blemish Balm) cream, i.e., preventing skin damage. MINERAL MULTI BB has madecassoside, effective in preventing skin damage, to protect the skin against internal and external irritants for healthy skin complexion. It also boosts the skin's regenerative capability and strengthens the skin barrier.
3. Proven mild noncomedogenic BB cream. It is a mild BB cream proven to be noncomedogenic. It goes on smooth and sets well onto the skin without causing any physical irritation.

How to use

Apply the desired amount on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin after your basic skincare routine, spread over the face from the inside outward and cover up skin imperfections by reapplying a small amount.


-21 Natural Beige
-23 True Beige