HERA / Natural Eyebrow Pact - 7g


AED 296
AED 296
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3 color eyebrow pact for natural, well defined eyebrows and eyes with dimension. 1. Natural, clear 3 colors good for all colors of eyebrows: Rich Brown, Natural Ocher and Deep Grey.
2. Smooth and light, skin fitting texture.
3. Nose and eyes shading for dimensional looking eyes.
4. The brush is made from various materials in a shape specially designed for shaping the line of the eyebrows and creating a shading effect.

How to use

1. hoose the right color for your hair and draw a line under the eyebrows with the diagonal shaped brush.
2. Connect the arch of the eyebrows with the outer tip using the diagonal shaped brush.
3. Use the shadow brush to fill in the eyebrows starting from the outer tip of the eyebrows to the middle part and then the innermost part.
4. Use the screw brush to comb the eyebrows in the direction of growth.