HERA / Relaxing Facial Mist - 75ml


AED 509
AED 509
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A facial mist that refreshes and revitalizes the skin anywhere and anytime. An essential item to soothe irritated skin. Irritated skin can feel dry, tight and uncomfortable, while looking dull and rough. PACIFEEL is an extract from the root and leaf of Mirabilis Jalapa that becomes absorbed well to soothe and soften the skin. The subtle and elegant neroli oil based scent leaves you feeling refreshed. Also neroli oil is known to improve the skin's elasticity. Boosting the skin's natural strength and barrier. RELAXING FACIAL MIST with PACIFEEL revitalizes the sensitive skin and strengthens the skin barrier to help the skin remain healthy and well protected from external irritants. It hydrates the skin and forms a moisutre barrier on the surface to prevent moisture loss for a bright and healthy skin. Air Light Spray'technology first introduced by Hera. HERA's own 'Air Light Spray' dispenses the mist that is light as air and gets easily absorbed to the skin. When used as a part of the skincare routine, it helps to keep your skin healthy with even skin tone and texture. It can also be used on top of your makeup, as it gets absorbed quickly and helps makeup glide on.

How to use

When your skin feels dry, sensitive and rough, shake RELAXING FACIAL MIST 1 2 times to mix moisturizing ingredients and spray in a circular motion at least 20 cm away from the face. Leave it or fan yourself to help it get absorbed into the skin.