HERA / Rouge Holic Cream - 3g


AED 314
No.102 Pink In Heaven
No.112 Killing Pink
No.145 Havana Pink
No.152 Uptown Pink
No.153 Gentle Woman
No.184 Dressy Rosa
No.205 Hawaian Baby
No.230 Coral Lover
No.237 Burnt Coral
No.247 Stunning Coral
No.277 Lala Orange
No.297 Flame
No.298 Scarlet
No.30 Memories Of Milano
No.327 Tempting Cherry
No.33 Urban Mulberry
No.332 Red Holic
No.342 Christmas Red
No.348 Rosefatal
No.415 Femme Beige
No.420 Clair Beige
No.43 Orchid Garden
No.442 Dark Sienna
No.47 Magic Carpet
AED 314
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A creamy lipstick in clear, lucid colors and a smooth melting texture to apply smoothly for vibrant and protected lips all day.

How to use

Draw a line along the lip contour using Hera Auto Lip Liner then use a brush to apply the lipstick from the inside of the lips. For more vivid colors, apply the lipstick directly on the lips.


102 Pink In Heaven
112 Killing Pink
145 Havana Pink
152 Uptown Pink
153 Gentle Woman
184 Dressy Rosa
205 Hawaian Baby
230 Coral Lover
237 Burnt Coral
247 Stunning Coral
277 Lala Orange
297 Flame
298 Scarlet
30 Memories Of Milano
327 Tempting Cherry
33 Urban Mulberry
332 Red Holic
342 Christmas Red
348 Rosefatal
415 Femme Beige
420 Clair Beige
43 Orchid Garden
442 Dark Sienna
47 Magic Carpet