HERA / Rouge Holic Exceptional - 3g


AED 323
No.137 Delicate
No.139 Forever Mine
No.142 Diva
No.146 Godess
No.148 My Valentine
No.158 Rosy Dream
No.189 Charisma
No.201 Chu Chu Coral
No.206 Hepbum
No.235 Mi Amor Seoul
No.252 Classy
No.287 July Fever
No.299 Jealousy
No.330 Best Kisser
No.333 Fashion
No.334 Fierce
No.412 Chocolate Mousse
No.454 Lost
No.460 Mink Brown
No.470 Insomnia
AED 323
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A luxury lipstick that adds shine to SEOULISTA's special moments with the perfect combination of its elegant design, rich colors and smooth texture.

How to use

Apply an appropriate amount to your lips.


137 Delicate
139 Forever Mine
142 Diva
146 Godess
148 My Valentine
158 Rosy Dream
189 Charisma
201 Chu Chu Coral
206 Hepbum
235 Mi Amor Seoul
252 Classy
287 July Fever
299 Jealousy
330 Best Kisser
333 Fashion
334 Fierce
412 Chocolate Mousse
454 Lost
460 Mink Brown
470 Insomnia