HERA / Rouge Holic Matte - 3g


AED 314
No.153 Pink Rain
No.154 Pink Suit
No.155 Rote Rose
No.186 Kiss Appeal
No.282 Sun Rise
No.328 Carmin Chic
No.345 Carmen
No.39 Bordeaux Retro
No.430 You Call It Sexy
No.98 Double Wine
AED 314
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A comfortable matte lipstick featuring intensely vivid and seductive colors that apply thinly for long-lasting wear.

How to use

Draw a line along the lip contour using Hera Auto Lip Liner then use a brush to apply the lipstick from the inside of the lips. For more vivid colors, apply the lipstick directly on the lips.


153 Pink Rain
154 Pink Suit
155 Rote Rose
186 Kiss Appeal
282 Sun Rise
328 Carmin Chic
345 Carmen
39 Bordeaux Retro
430 You Call It Sexy
98 Double Wine