HERA / Secret Party Cell Essence Limited - 225ml (+Cotton 60pcs)


AED 636
AED 636
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HERA X Edith Carron Collaboration 'Secret Party' Collection First-step essence providing moisture and flawless, clear complexion by smoothing the signs of Skin Desertification™

How to use

* Take
2.5ml of CELL ESSENCE (recommended amount) on your hands or a cotton pad after washing the face in the morning and at night. * To apply it using your hands, sprinkle the essence on your hands and spread over the face. Gently pat it into the face with your fingertips. * To apply it using a cotton pad, hold the cotton pad between your fingers by wrapping it around the middle finger and gently sweep and pat the face with it, working from the inside outward. * Recommended amount:
2.5ml (enough to drench 1/3 of the cotton pad)