HERA / Sensual Tint - 5g


AED 296
No.01 Lilly Tango
No.03 Rhythmical Sound
No.04 Top Of Mine
No.05 Jun Fever
No.06 Stage Muse
No.07 Red Shoes
AED 296
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A glossy finish texture with high gloss. Pigment paste technology makes color more vivid. Contains antioxidant vitamins for long lasting color clarity. Oily and water-soluble pigments give a bright coloring and long lasting effect with simultaneous prescription. It is a close-fitting oil that strengthens the fitting force and gives fast color adhesion effect.

How to use

Take the contents with the built-in tip and apply it from the center of the lip outwards. You can create a natural color from the inside of your lips, or you can fill it up to the lips line and you can produce a vivid color like lipstick with one touch.


01 Lilly Tango
02 Dancing Rose
03 Rhythmical Sound
04 Top Of Mine
05 Jun Fever
06 Stage Muse
07 Red Shoes