HERA / Signia Eye Treatment - 30ml


AED 1,786
AED 1,786
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A skin fitting eye treatment that coats and tightens the skin around the eyes. New HERA SIGNIA EYE TREATMENT is an eye treatment product that glides on the skin and is quickly absorbed upon application to take care of the sensitive skin around the eyes for firm, healthy–looking 'O line' for the skin around the eyes.

How to use

After using serum then take a pearl sized amount (0.1ml) under one eye, use the inside of your middle and ring fingers to spread over the skin and them massage as described below. Apply the eye cream around the eyes in a circle surrounding the eyes and eyebrows. And then pull the eyelids upward when applying the cream above them. Gently pat the skin using your middle and ring fingers. Finish massage by gently pressing the inner corners of the eyes using both thumbs.