HERA / Signia Serum - 50ml


AED 1,964
AED 1,964
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HERA SIGNIA SERUM for firm, radiant skin that you cannot help falling in love with. Breathes strong vitality into the skin for beautiful, glowing skin. 3 million narcissus stem cells developed exclusively for HERA are put into each and every bottle of SIGNIA SERUM to give skin that glows with health and strong vitality. Enchantingly beautiful, firm and smooth skin. Enriched serum coats the skin in a soft veil to instantly make the skin firm, smooth and glowing for skin that is so beautiful that you would fall in love with. SIGNIA SERUM for smooth, firm skin. SIGNIA SERUM improves skin firmness, tone (evenness) and glow in just 6 weeks.

How to use

Apply all over the face, working from inside out in a circular motion after using the toner and emulsion in the morning/evening.