Holika Holika / Covermazing Superfit Founstick - 1pcs (SPF30 PA++)

Holika Holika

AED 118
No.01 Warm Ivory
No.02 Petal
No.03 Honey
No.04 Shading
AED 118
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Multi stick foundation for quick and easy make up with high fitting texture from professional artist's touch.

How to use

Turn the stick, apply on the entire face, and softly spread with the brush, starting from the inside of the face and working outward. Apply once more on areas that need cover and gently tap to remove boundaries. Shading : Turn the stick, Glide on over bare skin or foundation to add contour to the hollow of cheeks, along the jawline, and other areas.


01 Warm Ivory
02 Petal
03 Honey
04 Shading