Holika Holika / Pig Collagen Jelly Gel Mask Sheet - 25g (1pcs)

Holika Holika

AED 38
AED 38
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This pig skin hydrogel mask sheet makes the skin firm and smooth.

How to use

1.After washing the face, apply the toner to prepare the skin for the next step in the skincare regimen.
2.Open the pouch and remove the film from the mask that is separated into the upper and lower section.
3. Evenly place the upper section of the mask on the upper area of the face, concentrating on the eye areas, and the lower section of the mask on the lower area of the face, concentrationg on the mouth area.
4. Remove the mask after 30 minutes when the mask becomes thinner, and when the nutrientshave absorbed into the skin. Gently tap the skin to enhance the absorption of the residue into skin.