Holika Holika / Pro Beauty Enamel Volip Tint - 4.5g

Holika Holika

AED 83
CR01 Flash Coral
PK01 Muse Pink
PK02 Silhouette Rose
PK03 Salmon Rose
RD02 Ambitious Red
AED 83
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Complete voluptous lips with an ultimate enamel effect Innovative enamel shine Exclusive glowing effect formulated with highly reflective oil formula that makes luscious lips from every angle. Luscious and voluptuous lips Vivid, luscious, and voluptuous lips are achieved with highly pigmented intense color and melting gel formula.

How to use

Apply on the center of the lips and blend. Reapply for a more luscious glow.


-BE01 Linen Beige
-CR01 Flash Coral
-OR01 Citrine Peach
-OR02 Spicy Orange
-PK01 Muse Pink
-PK02 Silhouette Rose
-PK03 Salmon Rose
-RD01 Twilight
-RD02 Ambitious Red
-RD03 Victorian Red