Holika Holika / Triangle Deep Eye Maker - 1.4g

Holika Holika

AED 75
02 Heavy Milk Tea
04 Warm Cashmere
AED 75
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It is a special applicator designed for triangular zones. Express deeper eyes. The soft velvet formula is applied smoothly even under the eyes. It expresses a sharp shadow color. Click type is convenient to use.

How to use

1. Starting from the center of the eye pupil and working toward the tail of the eyes, fill in the triangle zone easily and fast by applying content.
2. To express softner eye make up, apply eye primer on the eyelids and fill in the triangle zone, starting from the front area of the eyes to the end of the double eyelids.


-01 Deep Almond
-02 Heavy Milk Tea
-03 Dark Chocolate
-04 Warm Cashmere